Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lastest achievements of VHSCollector.com

So much has changed since my last blog entry in January. Last time I wrote that we had reached 1000 scans in the database. This time around, im excited to say we reached 2000! This is a great milestone for the site. The purpose of the site is to at somepoint account for almost every VHS release between the 1980's through the early 1990's, and so far we've only accounted for slightly over 2000 (barely scratching the surface).

A big thanks goes out to the guys at the video store where I've been going every weekend to scan their inventory. They have I would guess around 10,000 VHS tapes, and so far, we only scanned around 700 of them. We have quite some work ahead of us, and it will probably be another year or so before we complete this journey.

At some point when he has the time, my web programmer is going to make some layout changes which will make the site look much more aesthetic and easily navigable. There will also be a few other cool features which I will keep as a surprise. Nothing major, but certainly a nice touch to the site.
Since January, i had written a few articles, including one on the alleged misogyny of horror cover art, and another showing the top 16 most valuable US horror VHS.

Oh, and I can't forget! VHSCollector.com was featured on a the DVD release of Millard's Death Nurse. I was fortunate enough to make an exclusive review of the film that was put onto the DVD. And this is a legit factory pressed DVD, not some DVD-R crap! Be sure to pick yourself up a copy on Amazon!

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