Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review of "Spine" in the following days!

I haven't really kept up to date with this blog so much mostly due to being preoccupied by the site and Facebook page. But seeing that this blog for some reason does well on the Google search results, I shall maintain it to keep all you stragglers and wanderers up to date :) Several weeks ago, I had finally had the honor to review the shlockfest, "Gore-met Zombie Chef From Hell." It ended up being my longest review yet at twenty-two minutes! It was a review long overdue. I had finally been reunited with the the glorious big box. I maintain the strict rule of not reviewing a film unless I have the original VHS tape in my grasp.

Now that I was lucky enough the score the infamous and extremely rare video, "Spine," I will be reviewing it! Spine had always been on the top of my list right next to Majestic Home Video's "Mama's Home." I had gotten that one several years ago, and now I have Spine on my shelf.

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